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or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us specialises in fitting multi-link cable and satellite systems. Using the latest in technology and equipment, we provide our clients with the most up to date Satellite systems with a full guarantee at very competitive prices.This system uses one satellite dish to supply cable TV channels as well as Sky, Sky+, HD and free to air TV channels to as many as 200 rooms or apartments, for many types of developments including:

Nursing Homes, Guesthouses, B&B’s and Apartment Blocks:

Nursing Homes, Guesthouses, B&B’s: The system we use is a free to air system and allows all rooms receive cable TV which gives the viewer up to 25 channels. It is a very cost effective system for these type of developments as there is a one off payment which does away with monthly bills.

Apartment Blocks: The system we use does away with unsightly satellite dishes seen on apartment blocks and allows all apartments to get cable TV as well as satellite signal from one dish mounted in a discreet location.

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