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Q: I’m with UPC, what do I need to switch to Freetoair?
A: You will need a small digital aerial and satellite dish fitted along with a HD Combo box.

Q: My Television is less than 2 years old, is it Saorview compatible?

A: If your television is less than 2 years old and has a Saorview Tuner built in, you can choose a Freesat box to bring in the BBC’s Freesat Channels and have your Saorview channels in the TV.

Q: I want a Freetoair System that has the Saorview channels and BBC Freesat channels in one using the one remote control. What is my best option?
A: The HD Combo Box install is the one for you. It has all your Irish and UK channels in the one receiver with one remote control.

Q: I have a Sky dish. Can this be used to receive Freesat channels? If so, what else will I need?
A: Yes, your Sky dish can receive the Freesat Channels. You would also need a digital aerial and a HD Combo Box to receive all the channels in the Combo Box Channel List.

Q: What is the difference between a Freesat Box and a Combo Box?
A: A Freesat Box has all the UK Freesat channels but does not have the Saorview Digital Irish Channels. It also has the Red Button interactive Service and a seven day EPG and automatic update. The HD Combo Box has 2 tuners and has both the UK Freesat Channels aswell as the Saorview Digital Irish Channels. It also has a 7 Day programme guide on Saorview channels and Now and Next guide on Freesat Channels. The combo box does not have the Red Button Interactive Service or the automatic updates